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The University of Toronto Medical Journal (UTMJ) was established in 1923 and is Canada's oldest student run medical journal. The UTMJ publishes scholarly articles on a variety of important and timely topics that are relevant to our international readership.

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The University of Toronto Medical Journal (UTMJ; http://www.utmj.org) was established in 1923 and is Canada’s oldest student-run peer-reviewed medical journal. The UTMJ is open-access online and has a circulation of over 1500 print copies per year. This year, we are celebrating the publication of our 98th volume and are currently inviting submissions for our June 2021 issue on Vaccines and Immunity.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic having entered its second wave across the globe, a need for an effective and fast vaccination program cannot be further underscored. With multiple vaccinations currently approved and started to be rolled out in multiple countries, access to these vaccines remains limited to the developed nations at present. We believe that this issue of the UTMJ will bring forth areas that are worth exploring not only in relation to the unprecedented speed at which vaccines were developed to combat COVID-19 pandemic, but also on issues of immunogenicity provided by different dosing schemes and across wide range of groups, as well as the impact of limited vaccine access to historically underserved populations in the developed countries and in developing nations overall. We encourage submissions from students, researchers, and policy makers with various perspectives so that we can present a balanced, objective, and comprehensive discussion on this important and timely topic. We hope that this issue will inform our international readership about contributing factors of health inequities and identify priorities for future research. 

We are currently accepting submissions to the following sections of the UTMJ:

  • Original Basic, Clinical, or Epidemiological Research
  • Commentaries 
  • Reviews
  • Medical Education
  • Case Reports 

The deadline for article submissions is February 15, 2021. Articles can be submitted through our website at www.utmj.org. The UTMJ also accepts submissions on topics outside of the current theme of Vaccines and Immunity on a rolling basis. An honorarium will be awarded to the top three student submissions in the amounts of $100, $75, and $50. 

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to reading your submissions.

Yours sincerely,

Yuliya Lytvyn and Maleeha A. Qazi


University of Toronto Medical Journal

1 King's College Circle

Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A8




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Current Issue

Vol. 97 No. 3 (2020): Microbiome

Published: 2020-06-02

We are thrilled to present Volume 97, Issue 3 of the University of Toronto Medical Journal, which focuses on the important and evolving topic of the Human Microbiome. The Spring 2015 Issue of the University of Toronto Medical Journal first considered the Human Microbiome, exploring this burgeoning field and its potential applications in clinical medicine. Since this issue, our understanding of the microbiome, and the field of microbiology more broadly, has exploded. The microbiome, understood as the genetic material of the microbes living on and within our bodies, contributes to essential processes such as food digestion, immune regulation, and the production of vitamins. Further, many pathological processes, such as autoimmune diseases, are associated with dysbiotic states. While past research has largely focused on understanding the microbiome and performing clinical procedures to restore healthy microbiota, newer studies have begun to uncover and explore the novel roles for the microbiota in diagnosing and treating medical conditions, such as cancer, depression, and type 2 diabetes mellitus. With this dramatic increase in microbiome research, researchers and clinicians must navigate an onslaught of new information and determine how to meaningfully translate these new discoveries into clinical practice.

In the Spring Issue of the University of Toronto Medical Journal, we will address the important topic of the Microbiome. We believe that this issue will bring forth many areas that are worth exploring, including but not limited to the known understanding of how the microbiome affects immunity and contributes to disease, novel associations between dysbiotic states and disease, how antibiotics affect the microbiome, the ethical issues around sample collection and privacy in mapping the human microbiome, as well as mediating how the public will understand discoveries about the microbiome. We hope that this issue will inform our international readership about the current understanding of the microbiome and identify priorities for future research.

This is the third and final issue of the University of Toronto Medical Journal’s 97th volume. We would like to sincerely thank our dedicated editorial team for all the hard work that went into preparing this issue, and their continued efforts throughout the year. We are grateful for the patrons and faculty that continue to support the University of Toronto Medical Journal and the authors that have allowed us to showcase their important work. We hope that you find this issue informative and thought-provoking.


Tatiana Yeuchyk and Kathleen Simms



The Journey to Ancient Ithaca

Connor Brenna

Page 37-39


Interview with Dr. Barry J. Marshall, Nobel Laureate

Imindu Liyanage, Kathleen Simms

Page 12-15

Interview with Dr. Vinod Chandran

Happy Inibhunu , Jeff Park

Page 44-45

Interview with Dr. Jen Gommerman

Kathleen O’Brien, Alexandra Florescu

Page 46-49

Interview with Dr. Rob Kozak

Annie Yu, Ryan Daniel

Page 42-43

Interview with Dr. Susan Poutanen

Kathleen Simms, Tatiana Yeuchyk, Imindu Liyanage

Page 40-41

Interview with Dr. Jen Gommerman

Kathleen O’Brien, Alexandra Florescu


Original Research



First Episode Psychosis: The Commensal Gut Microbiota Perspective

Sylvie Bowden, Kenya A. Costa-Dookhan , Sri Mahavir Agarwal , Margaret Hahn

Page 22-28

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