News & Views

Picking A Medical Specialty

Tony Jianong Wang

Page 5-6

Bring back the rotating internship

Daniel Murray Shafran

Page 7-8



A Short Reflection on the Practice of Clinical Medicine

Zhineng Jayson Yang, Hunter Robert Cape

Page 16-19

Medical Education

Medicines Push for Resource Stewardship in Education and Practice

Marisa Leon-Carlyle, Raman Srivastava

Page 27-30

Creating an Inverted Ophthalmology E-learning Classroom

Jeremy Goldfarb, Daniel Weisbrod, Devesh Varma, Iqbal Ike Ahmed

Page 31-33

Primary Research

The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Implant Selection for Patients Undergoing Hip Arthroplasty

Michael Olsen, Michael Neufeld, Michael Sellan, Zachary Morison, Emil H. Schemitsch

Page 39-43