Published: 2015-02-03

Medical Technology



Ilyse Darwish, Varuna Prakash

Page 4


Current Limitations and Opportunities for Surgical Navigation

Ronnie Wong, Jamil Jivraj, Victor Yang

Page 7-9

Opinion Editorials

The state of pharmaceutical drug coverage in Canada

Patrick E Steadman, Liza Abraham

Page 12

Ebola: Context and Current Issues

Thomas Dashwood, Maia Foster

Page 13-14


Primary Research

To study the impact of acne vulgaris on the quality of life of the patients

Amit Batra, Prithpal Singh Matreja, Amandeep Singh, Ashwani Kumar Gupta, Naveen K Kansal, PML Khanna

Page 33-36

Case Report

Rapidly progressing de novo arachnoid cyst in an adult patient

Kenda Alhadid, Alireza Mansouri, Taufik Valiante

Page 37-41

Book Reviews