Published: 2020-03-21

We are thrilled to present Volume 97, Issue 2 of the University of Toronto Medical Journal important and emerging topic of Global Health. As our world becomes increasingly more interconnected, physicians are beginning to recognize that their responsibilities lie beyond an individual clinic, transcending international boundaries to deliver care to the broader global community. This impulse is reinforced by our developing understanding of the determinants of health, considering not only our biology, but also our social, cultural, economical, and political contexts. Emboldened with this multifaceted and dynamic understanding of health, researchers, physicians, and policymakers in the field of global health strive to achieve equity in health for all people.

In the wake of the recent Climate Change strike, conversations about global health, particularly in the context of environmental change, have become increasingly more important. The World Health Organization recognizes that climate change negatively impacts human health, with a disproportionate effect in developing nations with weak health infrastructure, who are the least equipped to respond. Research both in this Feld and in global health more broadly can help identify underlying problems and begin to develop solutions aimed at achieving health equity.

In this issue of the University of Toronto Medical Journal, we will address the important topic of global health. We believe that this issue will bring forth areas worth exploring, including but not limited to the effects of climate change on health, the spread of infectious diseases, the promulgation of global health policies, the ethics and regulation of global health ‘voluntourism,’ and Canada’s role within the broader conversation on global health. We hope that this issue will inform our international readership about current advances and practices in global health and identify priorities for future research.

This is the second issue of the University of Toronto Medical Journal’s 97th volume. We would like to sincerely thank our dedicated editorial team for all the hard work that went into preparing this issue, and their continued efforts in upcoming issues. We are grateful for the patrons and faculty that continue to support the University of Toronto Medical Journal and the authors that have allowed us to showcase their important work. We hope that you find this issue informative and thought-provoking.


Tatiana Yeuchyk and Kathleen Simms




Climate change: an unsustainable development for global health

Edward Xie, Eileen Nicolle, Nazanin Meshkat, Megan Landes

Page 9-13

Primary Research

Case Report


Interview with Dr. Errett

Annie Yu, Ryan Daniel

Page 46-48

Interview with Prabha Sati

Happy Inibhunu, Jeff Park

Page 49-52

Interview with Dr. Kamran Khan

Kathleen O'Brien, Alexandra Florescu

Page 53-55

Interview with Dr. Eileen de Villa

Imindu Liyanage, Kathleen Simms

Page 56-58

Global Health

Evidence of stress and diabetes in Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Leshawn Benedict, Mahdia Abidi, Harvir Sandhu, Allyson Gillespie, Qi Xue, Jessica Hill, Gerald McKinley

Page 30-33