Published: 2021-03-08



As the organizing committee of the 35th annual Medical Student Research Day (MSRD), it is with our greatest pleasure that we invite you to this event that celebrates the boundless and impressive accomplishments of Canada's leading Faculty of Medicine. As medical students at the University of Toronto, we are privileged to be a part of one of the world’s largest and most productive research networks. The goal of this year’s MSRD event is to showcase the remarkable research being performed by students at the University of Toronto in the MD and MD/PhD programs, as well as undergraduate research being done by RASI and COS students. We are delighted by the diverse and impactful work that has been submitted to MSRD this year, with research being done in the fields of basic science, clinical science, health policy, medical education, and applied/translational science.

Although this year’s MSRD event is different from any previous year, we hope that you are all still able to appreciate the wonderful work being done by students and faculty at the University of Toronto. As a committee, we have been organizing this event over the past 6 months with many uncertainties and questions. We were unsure what the event would look like, how many students would be interested in a virtual platform, and whether there would be enough abstract submissions to have a successful research day. We, the organizing committee, have never even met each other in person! Despite all these questions and concerns, we were truly amazed and inspired by the enthusiasm with which students submitted abstracts to this event. This year, MSRD will feature research from over 200 medical students, and will be additionally attended by PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, clinical trainees, staff physicians, and researchers.

It is our sincere pleasure to display the incredible research done by students in the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine. It is truly incredible to see that not even a pandemic can stop research and progress. We are proud to be part of this community and wish you a wonderful evening in the spirit of discovery.

MSRD 2021 Organizing Committee

Justin Brunet, Robert D'Cruz, Matthew Skelly, Max Solish, Ananya Srivastava